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Fencing Material: What to Consider Before Buying Your Next Fences Springfield Ma.

Considerable time needs to be spent when choosing the right fence for your Springfield Ma property. A high-quality fence can last a lifetime, but an inferior one will cause problems down the road. Here are 3 common types of fencing materials in the market today along with Fences Springfield Ma each type.

Wood Fences

Wood is perhaps the most popular material used for fences in Springfield Ma homes due to its durability and appeal. It’s also easy to install, especially if you have carpentry skills. The downside? Wood isn’t always cheap or readily available in some areas. A lot of factors come into play when considering wood fences, including local ordinances that might restrict certain types of wooden boards from being used in construction, not to mention how much it costs to install and maintain a wooden fence.

Chain Link FencesFences Springfield Ma

Back in the day, chain link was not considered as an option for residential properties because it was prone to damage from children and pets running into or climbing on it. Nowadays, newer types of mesh material such as vinyl-coated wire are far stronger than your typical plain steel fencing found at hardware stores. Chain link fences also come in a wide range of styles and colors. However, they do require regular painting and maintenance if you want to keep them looking good over time. Also known as hurricane fences due to their strength (but don’t think they will protect your property during a category 5 hurricane), chain link fences are the most affordable and widely used type of fencing Springfield Ma homes.


Privacy Fences

If you don’t want people looking at your backyard activities, privacy fences might be for you. They do a great job blocking out what’s going on in your yard and insulating noise as well. Some materials that can be used for privacy fences include wood, brick or stone; but what I like about this type is that they can also be made from vinyl. The latter has become more popular these days because it requires little to no maintenance (sounds great doesn’t it). However, such fencing can get expensive compared to chain links or wooden options.