Fencing Springfield Ma Winter Maintenance

Winter is coming. Do you know what to do to protect your fencing in Springfield Ma?

Most people probably think about snow removal when they hear the word ‘winter’. But did you know that winter can cause problems for fencing in Springfield Ma? Before it comes, take these simple precautions to make sure your fence stays in good condition throughout the season:

Snowy Fencing Springfield MaRemove any debris from the fence line. This may include broken boards, branches, or even garden hoses that could cause damage to your fence.

Water the ground in front of the fence line before winter hits. This will help if there is any snow on the ground because it can act as insulation preventing the ground from freezing and shifting underneath the fence line. Set up heat lamps on the inside of thicker fences and leave them on overnight.

The average fence is vital to keeping the yard protected from unwanted intruders but can prove to be a hassle during the harsh New England winters. Here are some ways that you can help your fence deal with winter maintenance:


 Hardware Winter Maintenance

As preparation for winter, check your fencing and gates to ensure they are in good working order. If they are not, then now is the perfect time to fix them before everything freezes up.

Wood Fencing Springfield Ma Winter Maintenance

If you need to replace any posts or rails make sure to use pressure-treated lumber as it has been treated with chemicals that will help prevent rotting. It’s also important to use galvanized steel for any hardware that will be in contact with the ground.


 De-Icing Fencing Springfield Ma Winter MaintenanceSnow on Fencing in Springfield Ma

De-ice your fencing as soon as you notice ice forming on it. Using a shovel to scrape off any corrosion can help prevent future damage and discoloration. Make sure to do this early on so the sun has time to dry everything out before any serious freezing occurs.

Winter can be a harsh time for fences, so make sure to give them extra TLC. This means regularly checking the fence for damage and doing any necessary repairs as soon as possible. If you need help with this feel free to contact Springfield fencing companies.