bafang bbshd firmware update

I think it has something to do with the new controller version. Firmware version: V Doing it now, will be interesting to see if i notice a sizeable difference in the reading. Which is fine, it will just not have a lot of power. If you want the pedal-assist to start the fastest when you just pedal a small bit, change it to 2. I can understand that its massively frustrating, I sympathize with you. So if either of the above gives you even the slightest hesitation, stop reading and go ride. It indeed can help other people, so thanks for that. But most of the displays wont be able to do this. You will be better of to ride in a really low PAS mode (5% current limit for example). When the display tells you the bike is at 40%, it could actually be at 20%. Indeed, I do not know if the M400 is in BB-32 or Double signal 24. Having max throttle power in all PAS levels is definitely something that you can do with the programming software. Have you increased that already? Re: BBSHD Voltage Problem Firmware Update & Instructions Hi Giel ,in your recommendations for the settings you say to put pas0 to 0% current limit ,100% speed limit & throttle handle designated assist level to by displays command to be able to use throttle only . You can monitor the voltage level of the battery as well, this way you can make your own estimate, but this requires some knowledge about battery voltage level vs capacity. Close the program, unplug the battery, unplug the programming cable, plug in the display cable and connect the battery again. Will do a search on the web for more info. This is the case because the display will think that you use a 48v battery. This applies also to when I use throttle only. For that would you set the current level to 100%, and speed limit to 0%? I am glad you like the firmware! Unlike most other people that buy an E-bike kit, my sole purpose is not the range or how far I can go, or how Big my battery is. A 17Ah or 13Ah will definitely not give the same range, at the same speeds. This way you can test my settings, but if you dont like it. You cant just lower the current and get the same power, this is physically impossible. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab33ab443e012ecca28ba0adbc1239fc" );document.getElementById("ecfd5e2dff").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); This web page is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You can also lower the start up current, this will decrease acceleration but will ofcourse also increase range. But this unfortunately isnt the case . How to fix this problem? What you should test is the following: Get a GPS speed app on your phone. If its installed on the 20 and set at 26 the display it will not display the correct speed. If you have a 52V battery, you need to set this value to 44. Having more drag on an e-bike is normal. It is effectively the thing you would do when using the throttle, the motor will do all the work. Make sure to always make a back-up of the factory settings. It is more difficult and advanced than this. 2) If your controller does not have a throttle connection, then you will need a controller with such a connection. De configuratie zit in de firmware van het display. So you should attach it to the 26 wheel, or set it at 20 in the settings. Current A was 20A, Install I have encountered error codes 30 before, where the only fix was to replace the controller. What you say about the definition of speed %limit is true. So just confirm if the displayed speed is correct using a GPS app. I dont see that you did anything wrong that could cause the controller to break completely. Im using the Luna Cycle Bafang software (the link to the bafang software on this site doesnt work for me) Maybee the Luna program is limited at 28 amps?? So the difference is only in the motor controller, they did some improvements. Yes,I just follow the steps in the forum endless sphere. First of all thanks so much in advance for your replay and apologies because probably my question is not related directly with the topic. The performance and features are pretty much equal for all displays, so the make your decision based on looks. I have a feeling that the issue has nothing to do with the motor and is being caused by a problem with the gears in my Sturmey-Archer internal hub. Now click Read flash in the right bottom corner of the program. How long had you had this controller? So you can maintain that speed. The kids are really getting into trail riding and an ebike will help me ( and the kids) with our own personal energy levels. Especially when you find 250W motors poewerfull enough already. 5 open up Bafang program software Just want to say that I REALLY appreciate what youre doing, taking time out of your day to explain help people out. Wenn das Programmierkabel nicht eingesteckt werden kann oder die Software es nicht erkennt, kann ich davon ausgehen, dass es auf diese Weise nicht neu programmiert werden kann. Some controllers can handle this better than others. 24.5ah battery 48v. 3. Daarom kan het niet door consumenten veranderd worden. So I would in practice just choose the gear that is most comfortable to pedal along with, it might be a bit less efficient, but it does make riding the bike much more comfortable. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. You will have to set both current limit [%] and speed limit [%] to 1 for assist level 0. It could indeed be bad luck, and just the randomness of failing with these Bafang controllers. Buy this Bafang programming cable @Aliexpress Global shipping, Buy this Bafang programming cable @Amazon US shipping. These work together like intended en will not put extra stress on the motor. As long as you just pedal to assist the motor, it wont cause any harm. This setting will prevent damage to your battery. No display/ no throttle. I just bought it one week ago and battery show me wrong percentage on the screen. So this is rather strange. Who wants to lug their laptop out to the bike or vice versa? It that case it will be really hard/impossible to damage the motor. I just put full battery and it shows me 54,2V = 62%. Latest version uploaded on 16.05.2017 with a few updates. Only the Bafang BBSxx series can be reprogrammed. After driving about 40km I will have about 3 of 12 battery capacity indicators left. I understand that the current will be set at 18 amps. The video link is Hardware version: V1.5 Reprogramming your Bafang mid-drive system can improve the usability and performance of your ebike. I would think that the sensor should be on my 26 drive wheel to reflect accurate speed readouts. all my normal mountain bikes run a 28 or 30 tooth front chain ring with 42 or 46 or 51 tooth cog at the back on the cassette. Now click Write flash in the right bottom corner of the program. . So to my knowledge both modes are the same. But this is not always clearly stated. Thank You! It looks like the motor max rpm is roughly 135. The Bafang firmware is just so that it doesnt activate the throttle in pedal assist 0. When plugging in my programming cable my battery caught on fire. Does it really help to save drivetrain? In order to change the speed limit with the help of the display you have to set this to By Displays Command. May 08 2019 6:08pm, Nice. So the new controllers are simply slightly less powerful. Cordialement. On my BSSHD .i have changed setting several times with no issues but this time Everting is gone dead after plugging in the usb to looks like the controller is damaged And the only thing I think of is I did not power on the battery before plugging usb in to laptop . I run a XT derailleur with a Sram cassette. Since day 1, when using PAS, intermittently my chain wheel loses all tension causing the crank to spin about 180 degrees before the tension comes back. You could indeed solve this by lowering the %speed limit. If you still have any questions, dont hesitate to respond. Only 1 gear on this bike, and I will probably never change this. Ill use it when Im going somewhere in the car to check accuracy then use the best one to set my bike up. If you search on m400 on this page (CRTL + F), you will be able to find his comments. There is only one version of the controller you have. But to answer your question, levels 1-3-5-7-9 correspond to 1-2-3-4-5. In my opinion, you are better of with 5 even if you can choose 9 as well. In diesem Video zeigen wir euch, wie ein Firmware-Update am Bafang BBSHD Mittelmotor vorgenommen wird. But if it does work, its good to know. and The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD 1000w motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. It allows a more normal biking experience. You will have to do this manually though, there isnt a way to say that it should always go back to 25km/h on start up. Pas0 wont have any assistance when set to 0% current limit. Setting those values to 0 will just not work. If you do this with care, you will be fine! If you increase the power, the torque will increase, but the speed will increase as well. You do this as follows: If you dont like these settings and you want to tweak certain settings, you can read the rest of this post and adjust certain settings. HomeElectric BicyclesE-Bike Non-hub Motor DrivesSearch When you are driving the bike, the voltage of your battery will drop due to the load of the motor. Just try to apply the power gently in the higher gears to prevent excessive wear caused by those slips. If you let the motor do all the work when it does not have enough power, you could potentially damage it. DPC18 Display The BBS02 also has a new 24A controller instead of the old 25A. If thats the case, there probably is something wrong with your display. As mentioned in previous posts decreasing current will also decrease torque. You now have successfully reprogrammed your Bafang system with custom settings. Thanks for your time. Speed Limit [%]: 1/52/25 This is how the controller calculates speed. Does it happen all the time? Controller damage can also occur when settings are to excessive. Your guidance is really the best Ive found so far. It also is not too responsive, which is good. But in theory you could do this. I press the throttle down and it doesnt get me going as fast as I want it to. The better way of doing it is just to change the power level for the different assist levels. A lot of settings can be applied to the BBS02 36V 500W as well. you said the max for BBS01 was 15A. Wenn das Programmierkabel nicht zu Ihrem Anschluss passt, wrde ich nicht versuchen, die Pinbelegung zu ndern. . Which settings should I assign to the 9 assistance levels so that they become 5, to always have the maximum engine torque, but with reduced speed? Whenever I press write, nothing happens, and when I load again the numbers jump back to default. The heavy load on the motor indeed could have caused some problems with the controller. Only difference is battery protect at 30 and have amps at 20(where I have had it for the last 1000 ks) I have not viewed the following link; presumably it is a video version of these instructions: Be mindful of the fact that you can damage or burn-out your controller if you accelerate from standstill in too high of a gear. You are good to go! Since with that much power you can easily strip gears when you dont select the right gear. For a 48V battery, a low voltage cut-off of 41V is appropriate. (1.23 KiB) Downloaded 470 times Die Mglichkeit, dass Sie etwas braten, ist dann ziemlich hoch. And It has a trottle for pushing him with easy but thats it. Read and Wrtie tabs are eather inactive. You dont have to open it to do maintenance like greasing. Top Will see how it goes tomorrow. Alternately it is also attached as a .ZIP file you can extract the .bin file from. You can set them to your liking for your motor setup. Cause I cant find any settings for bss01 . battery: 52V 13AH Regards, John. Again, good luck, I hope you are able to fix it! In the post, I state that if you set the speed limit to 100% it will stop at your speed limit. Any other suggestions? It should have it right? Or only when you are really pushing it? Anything other than 60 or 80 is not recommended. Instead I choose to stay in 4th gear and supply enough human power to turn the motor, but the cadence may never reach the point of set speed limit. to use Codespaces. En effet, je ne sais pas si le M400 est en BB-32 ou Double signal 24. The only way to figure out what works for you is to try it. Is it normal that process of discharge goes unlinearly. Thanks Bafang Hub Motor Review Better than the BBS02? The executable did recognize the correct port. A higher current will result in greater torque. This therefore increases the amount of friction, which results in the feeling of more drag. If you want insane power, get the BBSHD, this motor has a 30A controller. If you do this however, the pedal assist will also work. If you want to pedal more yourself and save more battery at a constant speed, set it to 60%. This is absolutely no problem and can be done without straining the controller. If you see a security warning, don't worry, just click on "Run". I actually like pedaling uphills on my own power! I dont have a lap top but I could move my computer and buy the programing cable. I do not have the MAX PAS setting in the display. Thanks again for sharing, it really is much appreciated! 26 (to reflect the size of the drive wheel) so that i do not do damage to the motor? I know both batteries are full because the voltage reads 52.6. You cant really do a lot about this, small gears simply cant take the high power mid drives deliver on the limited amount of teeth that make contact with the chain. For example 44T in front 13T in the rear. As always, thank you very much for your help my friend. Hope this helped you, if you have any further questions, let me know. Your story about the RPM isnt completely correct. The low voltage cut off doesnt affect performance. bafang programming cable.jpeg I was able to go from 20mph to 23mph just based on your settings here. The second statement is sort of correct, in theory, you can do this. You could also lower this value if you want less aggressive throttle. I would just keep the current limit of PAS 0 on 0 however. Haben Sie eine Idee wie ich da weiter komme oder Wissen Sie ob die Programmierung bei dem Motor funktioniert? 3 Connect usb to laptop/computer in the correct sequence as I believe I damaged my usb programme cable By NOT following below, Disconnect display and connect usb cable to controller. You will have to follow the rest of the post and change the settings yourself. only after a few seconds while not using the motor it will reconize the actuall battery level and i can accelerate again. This is just the limit of the bikes gearing, they were in the first place never designed to run at speeds above 50 km/h. In general: yes, you can use a 52V battery with an 48v controller/motor. As for the DPC18 display with 5 assistance levels, I have seen that the coupling of the 5 levels with the 9 levels of the controller are: Assist 1 of the display corresponds to assist 2 of the controller Assist 2 of the display corresponds to Assist 4 of the controller. So the throttle wont work either. May 08 2019 3:00pm. So I dont really see anything that you could do to fix it. When i try to save to flash with 30 amp it give fault to high current or something like that. The config windows are too small and I cant access all the settings. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the download links, this has been resolved now. If you find that all other things will not fix the issue, you could try this as a last resort. I have had bad controllers, but I have never had one fail during or before a reprogramming procedure. That is just awesome stuff! Best regards. The controller is CR R209.750.SN.U 1.1. I really want to make these improvements to my bike! It doesnt affect the controller itself, it cant run at 48V, it doesnt work like that. Hello, I have the Bafang BBS02 750 Watt 48V. Quick question. So leave the low battery protection unchanged and set the current limit to 18A. A 10.4Ah battery is quite small and unfortunately doesnt give you all that much range. At least not any way I can think of. Do you have any thoughts to my new concern here? If Bafang would fix this, it would be an absolutely near perfect motor. Dank je Giel voor het snelle antwoord. 1) Can you create on for BBS02 52V 750W or tell me what differences would there be from the 48V 750W configuration settings? I than think you have checked everything you needed to do. So if I dial down the current to say 15 amps will I increase range but maintain torque? Hi Clement, if can help you, i got the same problem, i installed the iobit driver booster software,(no sponsor off software, just worked for me), it update my bafang driver and worked. Yes, you could lower the controller maximum current. would you remember kissing someone when drunk, phantom forces aimbot script pastebin 2021,

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