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Building a house is very expensive. Furnishing it will take another big chunk of money from your pocket. Why not make the effort to decorate the exterior of your property as well? In addition, you should consider securing your property with a solid fence to keep potential intruders off your home.

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    Best Deck Contractor in Your City

    Installing a deck is arguable the best method to decorate the exterior of a house. This deck will be an additional leisure and relaxation space, the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. You can use it to throw an outdoor party or to play board games with your children on weekends. However, installing a fence and a deck requires a professional team to do everything properly for the success of your project. Our experience recommends us as one of the leading deck and fence contractors in your area. Many of your neighbors can vouch for the quality of our work and for the professionalism of our team.

    Our Services

    We install custom decks and fences. We also provide additional services such as patio building, pergola building and gazebo building.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    We are your reliable local deck and fence contractor that can deliver top-notch quality services in time and without any hassle from your side. Customer satisfaction is our mission. The raving reviews from our customers speak volumes about the professionalism of our team. Here are some more reasons for you to hire us:

    Licensed And Insured

    We are fully licensed and insured for all kinds of deck and fence services. Also, our team of experts here at Springfield Deck and Fence are always up to date with the latest Massachusetts building codes.


    We've been installing decks and fences for many years now. This is how we managed to acquire an impressive pool of happy customers. If you hire us, all your friends will want to know who's the company that built such a nice deck and fence on your property.

    High-Quality Services

    We value our customers and we strive to offer them satisfaction above everything else. We would never comprise on quality and risk a negative review. Your happiness is our reward.

    No Advance Payment

    You'll only pay us after we complete to job. Springfield Deck and Fence is your contractor of choice for installing a fence, deck, gazebo or pergola on your property. Call us now to tell us what you need.

    We are deck and fence experts.

    Ready to get started or request more info? Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

    Building A New Deck And Fence

    Following your call, we will schedule an appointment to discuss your intentions and your ideas. Based on our discussion, we will prepare a cost estimate and an ETA. Once you give us your approval, we can start working on your project. Here’s our work methodology:



    1. Plot Inspection


    The first thing we do is to inspect the plot of land where you want us to install your deck and fence. We assess the need to prepare the land by removing trees, gravel, rocks, and mud. This is how we manage to complete our projects as fast as possible and deliver the top-notch quality service you expect.



    2. Materials Sourcing


    After inspecting the land, we identify and source all materials we need to complete your deck and fence install. different types of deck and fence require different materials. You can rest assured we will make the best choices in terms of quality and price.



    3. Deck And Fence Installation


    Our workers will complete your deck and fence installation as per the mutually agreed schedule. We take pride in paying great attention to detail to ensure you’ll love the outcome and you’ll use your deck and fence for many years to come. We enforce strict quality guidelines and checks, in order to make sure everything is right. Our quality team inspects all details such as the color of the fence and the quality of the deck posts. This is how we manage to provide full customer satisfaction each and every time.

    Why Outsource Your Deck And Fence Building To An Expert Contractor

    There are hundreds of YouTube videos uploaded by people who claim installing a deck and fence is an easy DIY task, provided that you invest in high-quality materials and tools. While this may be true, it’s worth mentioning here that you won’t have any guarantee that your deck and fence will be solid and durable, particularly if you don’t have any kind of previous experience with this type of jobs. Also, you may end up spending more, as you’d need to buy or rent specialty tools and various accessories to complete your project. Even choosing the right materials can be daunting, taking into consideration that you can’t tell how the different materials behave after years of wear and tear.


    The worst of all, you may still need to hire a professional to help you complete your work if you fail to achieve the desired results. You’d end up wasting your time and spending a lot more money than someone who took the decision to hire experts to do it from the very beginning. Why not hire us in the first place, relax and watch us working to make the deck and fence of your dreams? Here are a few good reasons to hire us to build your deck and fence instead of choosing the DIY way:


    • Create custom designs – Our skilled technicians can implement any custom deck and fence design. If you want to build a fancy deck, all you need to do is let us know. We can show you some of our most creative and innovative designs to choose from. We can build you a beautiful deck and fence you’ll love.

    • Fast turnaround time – We assess your specific situation and plan for the fastest turnaround time possible. Our team of skilled and experienced workers will complete the project as per the mutually agreed schedule. Depending on the design and on the size of your deck and fence, you can expect to have them ready within a few days.

    • Best value for money – Once you hire us for your job, you won’t have to spend anything on tools, accessories or materials. You only need to tell us what you need and let us handle all details for you. We will create the project plans, we will source the materials and we will apply all finishing touches without any hidden costs.

    We are ready for any deck and fence installation you need.

    Our workers are all experienced, licensed and certified, so you can rest assured we will implement your designs with great attention to detail and in accordance to your specific requirements. If you already have a design, we would be thrilled to bring it to life for you. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest building codes, so you don’t have to worry about any legal problems. We use modern tools and equipment to ensure that we complete all projects in time.


    We Strive For Satisfaction

    Springfield Deck and Fence provides professional deck and fence services for our residential and commercial customers in Springfield, Massachusetts. With over 30 years in the deck and fence industry, our team has the experience necessary to get amazing results every time. Along with the standard deck and fence services that we provide, we also build customized patios, gazebos and pergolas. When it comes to quality materials and customer service, we are by far your best choice.

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